And on

& we are arguing loudly about something different than what it is really & I say so & after a long time of this I am screaming & you are not screaming & one of the things you are not screaming is that I am crazy screaming the things I am screaming...

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‘Lillium’ and ‘Molly Hum’

To my reader: This poem works best when spoken or chanted out loud -- or when performed with a dancer and improvised music. There are many rhythms to try and emphatic stops or starts. There is no “right way.” When I chant it I can make the “and’s,” “the’s,” and...

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Lana Would

Lana Wood has sold her poems to Playboy accompanied by full color photos of her body. The words were written in squiggly letters across her breasts and down her shining oiled thighs; and the body performs the acts of the mind and the acts of the mind are performed by...

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